Gallery --

This is just a sample of what I do. My styles range, I am self taught but
I know that I can get better, go further.  Here's me, presenting that fraction.
There's more to see in my Facebook page(I'll link later).

From The Newest Art
A tattoo sketch that taught me the value of charging before agreeing to a project.
 A beast in my "Caged" collection. It's trying to break free. Clawing up, clawing down... >:)
Elektra. I think I did rather good.. Few things wrong, I know.

A friend showed me his character in World of Warcraft(WoW), I decided to attach her Griffin mount's wings to her. Quick drawing.
Drawn on the back of a sheet we used for filing. So it's hard to get a good scan of it.

Terribly quick 5 min sketch to show that I can do Japanese Anime style males. This one looked suspiciously like Dante from Devil May Cry. Or Nero.
One of my first attempts at shading; this Superman is upside and says "Spiderman Who?" It made me laugh at the time.

The Dark Knight. He almost didn't happen(not that he has now). Still sketchy but he was originally a Spider-man taking a swing. But the posture was too stiff for Spidey and I switched it up.
My first sincere attempt at shading. I believe it was a great success. I just wish I had means of scanning these in. My fault for buying an above average length drawing pad.

This is my only color inclusion into this gallery for now. It is extremely old but shows a bit of the novice coloring I did back when.