A little more--

DrawingWall.com is a Dream Project.  It's a New Years resolution.  It's also a media hub with a bright future in my mind.  One day, that will become a reality.

Until then, I have to pay the bills like the rest(not that I'd get to stop paying the bills when it kicks up).

You've read the reviews, you've seen my artwork, seen anything else that I've shown off.  I'm glad that you visited. 

If you have any need for any of my would-be talents, or would like to contribute to the dream of DrawingWall.com, don't hesitate to contact me.  Since this is the World Wide, the web has this ability to snatch my email address and steal it far away.  I'd appreciate it if you visit my
blog and contact me through there via a comment or otherwise, if you so dare, click-here.