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Drawing Wall is the imaginative look at the world and the realms of fantasy as drawn up a drawing-a-day.  Pin-ups and original pieces shown here are available for your comments and every bit of critiquing you give will determine the direction the artist will take.

I designed this project to help me showcase my portfolio and to improve on my drawing style.

And because I like a bit of Fun

The Future of this website is up in the air but I hope to expand it to be open to all artists to showcase their work on The Wall to receive the same share of comments and critiquing.  If and when the project kicks off, I hope to open Drawing Wall to Underprivileged and Talented artists across the nation so they can benefit from being on The Wall. 

The more site users, the more comments, the more this site has a chance of reaching its ultimate goal of being The Wall to underprivileged artists across the world.
Suggestions welcome.  Bookmark and please feel free to join in the